March 11, 2016

Invisible Reality at Hauser & Wirth Somerset

Hauser & Wirth in Somerset is a renowned gallery and art centre a short distance from Pennard Hill. As well as being the creative hub of Somerset, it also features an iconic purposefully designed garden by international designer Piet Oudolf and on-site restaurant. The somerset exhibition is free, opening times and other information can be found here:

From February 12th to 2nd May the gallery is featuring ‘Invisible Reality’ by Subodh Gupta. This exciting exhibition features a variety of sculptures and works based on repurposing daily objects and drawing cosmic parallels from them. Over six years, Gupta has merged objects and ideas and considered the cultural changes over time of his home country. Functionality, cosmos and culture combine to form a wonderfully creative and exciting exhibition. An idea key to this, is that great meaning can be found in the mundane, the everyday. 

His signature use of sculptures and installations are formed using everyday objects from his culture in this Somerset exhibition. The story and life of these objects is illustrated, this makes an exciting parallel with the idea of cosmos.

Invisible Reality (2015) by Subodh Gupta

Invisible Reality (2015) by Subodh Gupta


The main centrepiece involves a constructed wood and terracotta house from Southern India. Light envelops the property, leaking out its gaps. Gupta appeals to another of the senses with his use of sound, steel panels knock together creating an overwhelming oppressive noise. He shows the character of each surface, whilst imbuing this with an artificiality that it is out of the world.


Specimen No.108 (2015)

Specimen No.108 (2015) by Subodh Gupta


Gupta’s ideas extend out of the gallery as (Specimen No.108) Another creative installation utilises steel pans and other everyday objects as the branches of a Banyan tree. An iconic Indian tree, it is sacred and traditionally worshipped. 108 is also a religiously significant number. The appearance is striking, and conveys the everyday and cultural traditions, with an unnatural otherworldly presence. The surface is extremely reflective, and creates a unique aesthetic surrounded by traditional Somerset tranquillity.

The exhibition stretches into the on-site gallery restaurant service as Gupta will convey his culture through the selection of food, illustrating the food of his native region and eating communally. This unique experience is being done from 12-13 February. More information can be found

He explores the ideas of everyday objects as vessels, having their own dimension and personality. This is in stark contrast to the ideas of cosmos, the unknown. Gupta challenges the boundary between these concepts in a really innovative and exciting exhibition that is well worth a visit. This makes it an ideal time to come to Pennard Hill Farm. Head over to take in the ‘Invisible Reality’ Somerset exhibition, and then come back to the luxury of a quiet cottage in beautiful surroundings in order to discuss the day’s events and ideas.

Credits: 1. Invisible Reality. Courtesy of the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photographer: Dia Bhupal. 2. Specimen No.108. Courtesy of the artst and Hauser & Wirth. Photographer: Dia Bhupal.

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